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My Own Personal Sex Kitten?

Title: My Own Personal Sex Kitten?
Author: hachi08
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kyumin, ninja!SiHanChul, ninja!Yewook
Genre: Humour and smut.
Summary: The members know what Kyuhyun's homecoming surprise is, but why the hell is there a new kitten playing with his boyfriend?
A/n: Inspired by a short msn convo with onetruemei that went something like this (ignore the last part please):
hachi<3 says:
 there were three white bunnies at the pet shop today
 and five kitties
 I wanted to get the black and white one and call it Min because it reminded me of Minnie soooooo much LOL
 Min revealed his other kitty
 poor Kyuhyun is gonna kill him when he gets back
 Sen and Hyaku... CUTE!!!!

onetruemei says:
 hahahahha!! YES!! Sen~~ 
 and Kyu already saw Hyaku right??

hachi<3 says:
 Kyu knows Hyaku, but he's gonna be like "wtf another cat? you just got one! Now we have two? Do you have a cat fetish or something?" and then it is going to lead to roleplaying smutiness LOL
Personally, I think Kyu is more of a dog person
or a ferret person
coz I am just biased toward ferrets
and aardvarks
but kyu wouldn't own an aardvark
because Heechul might go crazy and spray it with mace or something

"So Kyuhyun, did Min call you yet?" Donghae asked as he casually sprawled himself across his seat. Kyuhyun looked up from his PSP and stared at his bandmate incredulously.
"Should he have? Is something wrong?"
Donghae shrugged. "No, nothing's wrong. I'm just asking..." surprisingly Donghae stood up again and left to go and bug Zhoumi until he traded seats with him so he could annoy Ryeowook and Henry.
"Hi..." Zhoumi said awkwardly, trying to manoeuvre his long legs passed Kyuhyun and into Donghae's now discarded seat.
"Yeah..." Kyuhyun said, pausing his game to fold his legs back allowing the taller man easier access to the chair. Zhoumi smiled in recognition.
"... So... has Sungmin called you?"
Kyuhyun knew that Zhoumi knew off all the late night texting, emailing, calling, video messaging, etc. that occured between him and his roommate in Korea being that Zhoumi was his roommate when he was in China with SJM.
"... Should he have?" Kyuhyun was beginning to get worried about everyone asking after Sungmin.
Is he angry about fanservice? Or that I haven't called him? What on earth could I have done?
"Oh, no... Just asking... It's nothing, really~" Zhoumi sing-songed as he smiled to himself knowingly and proceeded to read an inflight gossip magazine. Kyuhyun sighed.
Is there something wrong with Min?

By the time the plane touched down an hour later, each member had taken a turn at tormenting Kyuhyun about Sungmin; even Henry, who Kyuhyun wasn't sure he was even that close to Sungmin. Reaching the terminal from the landing gate, he looked over the faces welcoming him, welcoming them, home.
Kangin was missing for obvious reasons, such as not being allowed out in public that often. Kibum was filming... Heechul had gotten time off from filming to be there to see Hangeng and Siwon. Leeteuk was there, as was Eunhyuk, Shindong, Yesung (who immediately pulled Ryeowook into a tight hug and refused to let go until they were in the van), but where was Sungmin?
"Where's Sungmin?" Kyuhyun asked, pulling at Leeteuk's arm that was wrapped so tightly around Henry, Kyuhyun swore the boy's face looked like a tomato.
Leeteuk "hmmmmed" before turning to face his maknae.
"Oh, where's Min? Um... yeah..." Leeteuk looked at the floor. It was wonder he'd managed to hide things from the group on multiple occasions, because he was possibly the most transparent liar to ever exist.
"Where's Min?" Kyuhyun growled and Leetuek immediately faced him again.
"He didn't come."
Kyuhyun left, yelling something back to Zhoumi about collecting his bags as he had a certain kitten to deal with.
Five seconds later, he'd hailed a taxi and was heading home to confront his roommate.

Sungmin sat with his back to the front door, holding a cat toy and murmuring soft exclaimations to, Kyuhyun assumed, their cat, Hyaku.
Moving stealthily, he quickly grabbed Sungmin's back and anchored his arms around his waist.
"Even with your training, you're slow Min..."
"Why would I react when I know it's you?" Sungmin retorted, turning to face his returned friend before kissing him softly on the lips.
"You ditched me..." Kyuhyun sulked as Sungmin turned back to playing with Hyaku.
"Yah! Lee Sungmin, you ditched me to play with your cats! Wait a second... cats? As in... plural? As in... more than one?" Kyuhyun had started out by roaring but soon his voice fell to a whisper as he counted in the cats infront of Sungmin.
1,2. 1,2. 1,2. 1,2. 1,2.
"Am I seeing things?" Kyuhyun looked at Sungmin, his eyes wide.
Sungmin smiled cheekily and shook his head. He picked up the ginger kitten and held it in front of Kyuhyun.
"This is Sen. He is Hyaku's little brother. Be nice~"
Kyuhyun just about lost it.
"You ditch me to play with your new cat which I had no idea we even had! Min!" Kyuhyun yelled but then he looked at the kitten whose ears had flattened against his head as he craned his neck backwards to get away from the screaming man.
"Be nice Kyu..." Sungmin scolded lightly before setting the ginger kitten down next to his brother on a cushion.
"So why another cat?!"
"Hyaku was lonely."
"Hyaku was lonely?"
"Alright, I was lonely without you!" Sungmin yelled. Both cats had never heard the usually quiet man yell before, so jumped at the sound before stalking slowly up to Sungmin to place a paw on his knee. It was the kittens way of asking are you alright?
"Do you have some kind of cat fetish?" Kyuhyun spat, glaring at the small animals now being cradled in his roommates arms.
"... How'd you guess?" Sungmin looked up at the larger man and smirked.
Kyuhyun could just make out the small cat ears a top his lover's head.
"I took them from the Gayo Daejun photoshoot... The one where I-"
"Was dressed as a cat boy..." Kyuhyun breathed. Sungmin nodded.
He bearly had enough time to place the kittens semi-safely onto the cushion before Kyuhyun started sucking on his neck.

"Min..." Kyuhyun paused between his attack on his elder's neck. Sungmin made a sound from deep in his throat; somewhere between a whine and a purr.
"Why did you decide to surprise me with a cat?" Kyuhyun looked at him seriously. Sungmin smiled.
"Actually, your surprise was the wine in our room. The cat was an added bonus."
"... Oh..." Turning his small lover to face him, Kyuhyun ravished Sungmin's plump cherry red lips; he often thought how unnaturally red they were, until he realised the other used lipgloss each morning.
Sungmin mewled, as Kyuhyun's hands began to twist under his shirt.
"... Whats with the cat sounds?" Kyuhyun knew it wasn't it the kittens who were mewling. Sungmin blushed.
"We've never done anything... kinky... like this..." Sungmin moved closer and caught Kyuhyun's earlobe between his teeth, tugging and sucking in alternation. Kyuhyun quickly moved his ahnds higher, to pinch his hyung's sensitive nipples.
"Ahn!" Sungmin squeaked, as Kyuhyun pinched decidedly too hard. Kyuhyun tutted.
"Cat noises only, right Min?" he smirked, pinching lightly to prove a point. Sungmin glared, but he couldn't back out now.
"Lets see if I can do something that will have you practically meowing" Kyuhyun chuckled. He'd said meowing in such a tone, that made Sungmin think it was probably the dirtiest word ever spoken during this sort of foreplay.
Surely Kyuhyun hadn't done this before?

Without skipping a beat, Kyuhyun's hands were shoved into Sungmin's pants. As if on instinct alone, the palms brushed the head of Sungmin's soft cock and he quickly grasped onto the girth of it. Sungmin placed a hand over his mouth, so as not to gasp.
"Don't do that kitty, I want to hear you~" Kyuhyun sang.
Gently he began to pull on the length, causing Sungmin to squirm making annoyed noises from his throat.
The kittens found this very confusing. Their owner was pressed up against this other man, who only Hyaku had seen before, and was making distressed cat calls. Leaping into action, the pair began to leap onto Kyuhyun's lap and try biting the hands that were giving Sungmin such a hard time.
In truth, those hands were giving Sungmin a hard time, but it was pleasurable.
"Kyu... uh... ooh..." Sungmin seemed to have forgotten completely about the cat noises and began to cyrate his hips towards Kyuhyun's hands, bucking himself into the tight grasp.
"Min... your cats want to help..." Kyuhyun deadpanned. Opening an eye, he saw that Kyuhyun was indeed correct.
"Shall we take this elsewhere?"
"Will they cry at the bedroom door?"
"Can't we ignore them?"
"You're the one who wanted the cats and you are suggesting we ignore them?"
"Kyuhyun, stop arguing with me and fuck me or so help me, I'll do it myself!" Sungmin nearly screamed. Kyuhyun smirked, grabbing the elder's arm and dragging him upwards.
Seconds later, Sungmin found himself pressed against the inside of their bedroom door.

"Cat use their mouths to clean themselves, right hyung?" Kyuhyun breathed into Sungmin's ear. The elder nodded, confused and unsure about what Kyuhyun was hinting towards.
"How about I use my mouth to clean you~?" He didn;t wait for a reply, before dropping loudly to his knees and pulling down the fly of Sungmin's jeans. The same ones that Kyuhyun brought back from China last time.
It didn;t take a genius with 20-20 vision to see the wet patch on the front of Sungmin's boxer shorts, and Kyuhyun most certainly wasn't going to stop teasing now.
He took the clothed erection into his mouth, sucking at the salty liquid that had seeped through the material. Sungmin moaned wantonly at the feeling of Kyuhyun's hot, wet mouth mixed with the silky feeling of his boxers.
"Kyu~~~~~ s-s-stop... tea-uh...sing... me-ah!"
"Only when you meow for it."
Sungmin looked at the younger, whose tongue was currently licking his tent like a lollipop making his shudder, in absolute horror.
"You want me to... ooh... meow?"
"... Kinky bastard." A few more well timed sucks and Sungmin was writhing against the door so hard he slammed his head against it.
"Meow, meow, meow, fucking meow! Do me already!" Sungmin screeched. Kyuhyun shook his head.
"Like you mean it..."
"Oh for God's sake!" Sungmin tried bucking his hips only to have the pressed back against the door.
Without further teasing, Sungmin came into his boxers, panting, but not saying a word.
"Premature ejaculation is a medical problem that can be cured hyung~" Kyuhyun sang, while Sungmin blushed and hit his dongsaeng up the side of the head.
Stripping off the now sodden material, Sungmin watched Kyuhyun's gaze as it travelled up his body. Somewhere in the midst of foreplay, he had lost his shirt and after ridding himself of the jeans and underwear, he was completely naked. Kyuhyun licked his lips and Sungmin smirked.
"Like what you see, Kyuhyunnie~?"
"Have you been working out since I left?" Kyuhyun asked, in all seriousness bar the hint of pure, unadulterated lust hidden in his eyes.
"Maybe..." Sungmin felt like teasing Kyuhyun since the younger always had his way with him. Turning so that his bare  back and ass were exposed, he turned his head coyly and said in a sultry tone "Does it show?"

If Kyuhyun had been a cat, he would've been a wild cat. He pounced on the bare, raw, fresh flesh and all but devoured the owner with his eyes.
"Damn, Min... it's been... too long..." Kyuhyun rubbed the front of his pants against the cleft of Sungmin's bare behind. Sungmin smirked at the hardness he felt beneath the rough material.
"Your present is over there~" he used his head to motion towards the windowsil where bottles upon bottles of wine were lined up. Each had been drank and studied by Sungmin and Kyuhyun. Except for the last bottle on the row. This one had a large bow and the liquid had a deep red blood colour if the black bottle was anything to go by.
"I'd rather have this present first..." Kyuhyun tried to go back to teasing his hyung, but Sungmin pushed him away, which took a lot of self control.
He saunted, stark naked, over to the windowsil and grabbed the bottle, pulling the ribbon off with his teeth. He quickly tied it around his neck and turned to face Kyuhyun.
"Aren't you going to play with your kitten~?" he smirked. Kyuhyun smirked back.
"My sex kitten? Of course..."
Pinning Sungmin against the windowsil causing bottles to go toppling on to the bed and the soft carpet, Kyuhyun ravished the man, kissing his neck hard enough to leave marks above and below the 'collar'.
His shirt and pants were made quick work of and Kyuhyun sprawled himself on his bed, motioning to Sungmin.
"Kitty, kitty, kitty... come here kitty..."

Outside the door, Hyaku and Sen began to cry, especially at the words "kitty" being spoken from inside the room and the fact that they themselves were not able to answer the call.
Suddenly the front door opened and the sound of hoardes of people with luggage drifted through the dorm. Forgetting about their strange owners, the pair went back into the lounge room and mingled with the other humans, curling around a particularly strange person's legs and begging him for fish because he smelt of such. They continued to follow him, not caring about Yesung and Ryeowook who snuck into the corridor leading to the bedrooms.

Without any preparation, Sungmin drove himself onto Kyuhyun, who let out a startled yelp. Sungmin smiled devilishly.
"Don't you like playing with your kitten, Kyu?"
"... I like it very much..." Kyuhyun grabbed Sungmin's hips, helping the older ride up and down along his hard shaft.
Kyuhyun seemed to feel more pleasure than Sungmin, as his head was thrown back with each clench Sungmin gave his muscles. Sungmin was in control and he knew it.
Opening his bleary eyes and reaching up to Sungmin's neck, the maknae undid the hastily done ribbon and began to play with it in his hands.
1, 2. 1, 2. 1, 2. 1, 2.
Kyuhyun flipped their positions right as Sungmin was about the ride down. Pushing in hard and fast, Sungmin squeaked.
He'd found the kitten's prostate on the first try.
"Do you like that kitty?" Kyuhyun repeated the movements a few more times, each time had Sungmin mewling louder than the time previous.

Outside the door, Yesung was helping Ryeowook  drag his luggage into their room. Usually, Ryeowook would bee followed by every animal on the floor, due to his strange affinty with them (even though he was terrfied of some) and he slightly missed the feeling of having Sungmin's cat following him like a shadow.
"Maybe Hyaku's playing with his new little brother?" Ryeowook mused aloud as he sighed. Yesung smiled before he turned his head towards the Kyumin room.
"Can you heard that, Wookie?"
"Sounds like two cats fighting!"
"You don't think Hyaku and Sen could be fighting do you?"
"... I don't know..."
"... If their still going when I've put this stuff away, we'll investigate. Deal?"

Sungmin liked the feeling of being pounded into rather than the feeling of riding. He'd been so caught up into the hard flesh that was going in and out of him repeatedly that he bearly noticed when he hands were tied above his head using his own ribbon, until the time cqme for him to want to claw at Kyuhyun's back.
"Kyu... what did... ahhhhhhn... what did you.... ribbon...?"
Kyuhyun understood the incomprehensible sentence being spewed at him amidst gasps, moans, screeches and sighs.
"Kittens need to learn the rules. Count this as your training."
Bringing a hand to Sungmin's weeping dick, he pumped out of sync with his thrust. Pumping as he pulled out and releasing as he pushed in. Sungmin felt differing waves of pleasure and cried out.
"Oh God... Kyu... I'm gonna.... AH!... Ooooooh!.... I'm come... coming..."
"Come here kitty" Kyuhyun enunciated, giving a harsh twist of his wrist causing Sungmin to release all over his abdomen.  Kyuhyun however, was not finished.

"Are they still going Sungie?" Ryeowook asked, as Yesung poked his head out of the room to listen to the sounds echoing the hallway from the Kyumin room.
"Yep... you nearly done?"
"Yeah, five more minutes and then we will go and settle it."
A loud shriek was heard.
"Bugger five minutes, their little fight is getting out of hand!"
"I agree!"
The pair ran across the dorm and stopped outside the door before hurriedly opening it.

"Kittens like to drink milk, don't they hyung?" each word was emphasized by the slapping of skin-on-skin as Kyuhyun continued trying to ride towards an orgasm.
"Yes... but why...?"
Kyuhyun lifted a hand to Sungmin's chest, covering it with his seed, before bringing it to Sungmin's lips.
"Lick, kitty." Sungmin obeyed. Gently flicking his toungue across his lover's palm, tasting the satly substance; his substance.
Kyuhyun watched on at this scene and began to pound faster and harder inside of Sungmin's tight hole.
Sungmin decided he liked this strange flavour of himself, and licked faster, moaning when it came to him.
Kyuhyun moaned, continuously beating into Sungmin, the blood in his cock pounding against the skin, ready to explode.
Sungmin, having already cum twice, was starting to become aroused again. He watched his limp cock start to stiffen little by little and closed his eyes, still lapping at the substance that was almost cleared from Kyuhyun's large hand.
Experimentally pressing back against Kyuhyun, he felt his abused prostate become alive again as it was hit, head on. He also heard Kyuhyun moan at the feeling. Sungmin clenched, Kyuhyun moaned. This pattern repeated until it almost a monotonous rhythm.
"So... tight... Min... fuck.... feels so goood..."
"Ah, Kyuhyun... fuck me, fuck me, fuck me... oh god, FUCK ME KYUHYUN!"
Kyuhyun wasn't in a state to argue. The man below him had lost one of his cat ears.
"Didn't you... take care of yourself... while I was away...? Fuck... so tight!"
"... I did... I put you on speaker phone, remember? Ah, there, there again, please! Ahn, right there! Oh yeah... harder, please.... go faster..."
Kyuhyun liked that Sungmin was vocal, but not during their little "roleplay".
"Cat noises!" Kyuhyun reminded, before pressing in one more time and cuming, hard against Sungmin's prostate.
Knowing he was not going to get anymore sensations, Sungmin grabbed his penis and pumped needily, whimpering and whining while Kyuhyun pulled out and watched the 'show'.
Finally, Sungmin orgasmed with a feral shriek. Kyuhyun smiled.
"I think that was the best sex we've ever had."
"I think we should probably thank our kittens for it."
"... Fine, you win. I'll accept the cat since you love it so goddamned much."
"Yeah... but when I want you in bed, the cats stay out, got it?"
Suddenly two figures opened the door and Kyuhyun and Sungmin were met with a startled Yesung and Ryeowook.
Or is it that Yesung and Ryeowook were startled because they were met with a very naked looking Kyuhyun and Sungmin.
"Oh shit. Well... this is awkward..." said Yesung, staring at the two. Ryeowook, who had some sense, covered his eyes and moved his head away.
"We thought that cats were fighting. Our mistake. Please continue..." and with that he shut the door and presumably dragged Yesung away.
Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun and smirked.
"I think I managed to sound like a cat well enough~"

Back in the kitchen, Donghae was busily filling Hyaku and Sen with tuna, as Zhoumi rubbed their almost full tummies.
"Silly Sungmin for forgetting to feed you guys..." chided Donghae. Zhoumi looked over his shoulder.
"Speaking of Sungminnie, where is he? And where did Kyuhyun get to? I have his bags..."
"No idea."
Yesung and Ryeowook walked into the kitchen quietly. Yesung with a look of confusion and Ryeowook with a look of utter trauma.
"What's up?"
"... Don't put Hyaku and Sen to bed yet..." Ryeowook cautioned before he moved to the fridge. Donghae and Zhoumi looked at Yesung who shrugged.
"Kyuhyun is fucking Sungmin into the bedpost and making sounds like animals." he summarised bluntly.
"Oh." Donghae and Zhoumi replied, their mouths forming a perfect 'o' shape.
Ryeowook was glad the baby kittens couldn't understand English as he whacked Yesung's arm with the celery.
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